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Singer, Performer and Creator of Wellbeing experiences

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Welcome dearest friend,

My name is Elizabeth Reah, and I am a vocal and musical creative. I believe music has the power to transform our lives. Music truly allows us to feel and experience at a deeper level. Music can take us to a place nothing else can.  All the music I create is improvised and recorded in one take. This is to retain its rawness, purity and intention. I offer my voice to you in service that it may bring you into a place of peace, healing, joy, balance, knowing, mental wellbeing, transformation and magic.

Blissful Listening, with Love and Blessings from me to you x


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Elizabeth has sung and performed in prestigious venues including St Pauls Cathedral, The Purcell Room, live on Radio 3 as well as festivals and many other events both in person and online.

Elizabeth is classically trained as both a singer, pianist and flautist. She was a professional singer in London in her late teens and early 20‘s before embarking on a 15 year career in Banking, most recently as the Head of HR for one of the worlds largest financial institutions.

In 2020 Elizabeth separated from her career in Banking, took time out and returned to her love of music and singing. She has now dedicated her life to sharing the healing and restorative powers of music and wellbeing and is passionate about helping others in finding peace, solace and healing in the power of music and sound.

Elizabeth is a true believer in the incredible, scientifically proven impact music can have in transforming our lives. Music truly allows us to feel and experience at a deeper level AND can take us to a place nothing else can.

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Elizabeth can provide live music and singing at either an online or in person event and can offer unique and tailored experiences for every client/audience. Whether it be as part of a breathwork or meditation experience, cacao ceremony, yoga class, manifestation event, festival, retreat or any other offering, Elizabeth’s vocal healing is sure to bring the experience to new levels. Elizabeth delivers musical playlists with live improvised vocals that are completely bespoke for your needs and intentions



“In a world filled with noise, distraction, and disconnection, people are yearning for deeper and more meaningful
experiences. The inclusion of music in events is the key to providing people with the rich, profound experiences they
crave in a world hungry for deeper connection, peace and wellbeing”

Elizabeth ReahSinger, Performer and Creator of Wellbeing experiences

Why incorporate music into your event?

Emotional Connection – Music taps into our emotions, creating a deeper resonance with the audience. It immediately creates an emotional connection creating clear and lasting memories

Enhanced Atmosphere – Music transforms the environment, making it more inviting, enjoyable and memorable. It can adapt to different themes, intensifying the overall experience.

Universal Language – Music transcends words. It has the power to triumph over any language or cultural barrier. It is the universal language of the spirit that unites us all

Elizabeth’s work is healing the world one note at a time. She weaves such love and beauty into every sound healing session and performance, and her music goes straight to the heart.


Absolutely sensational! Elizabeth has the most beautiful voice. This is the best and most beautiful music I have ever experienced

MELANIE YOUNGMaster of Mindset and Inner Circle Coach - Proctor Gallagher Institute


Elizabeth works with exclusively produced, carefully curated music and soundscapes to help create powerful healing through a unique combination of voice and sound.

The individual instruments that make up the music are tuned to 432hz or other healing frequencies (solfeggio frequencies). The impact of frequency, the choice of specific instruments, tempo and the structure of the piece combine to create a ‘symphonic synergy’ that has an impact beyond the sum of the individual parts.

The compositions possess a profound ability to heal and transform. They have been crafted with the intentional purpose of supporting transformative practices such as breathwork, meditation, and visualisation and other creative and healing practices.


Elizabeth’s voice has a highly unique tone with an exceptional impact on the listener. Her vocal creations are fully improvised and recorded in one take (even the professional versions). The reason behind this is to retain the pureness and rawness of the creations and transmissions.

Elizabeth also frequently creates vocal arrangements with improvised layers. She creates a “choir of one” layering her vocals in up to 6 parts (without using any looping or other effects). This unique style creates an intricate, symphony of healing vibrations and harmonic frequencies that takes the listener on a profound journey through sound. This creative process truly allows those who experience the music to drop into a space where they can gently dissolve stress, tension, and energetic blockages, while promoting deep relaxation, inner balance, and a sense of peace.

Explore the audio samples below to experience the power of Elizabeth’s vocals and the diversity of music that can be offered at your event.


Get exclusive access to elizabeth’s music for your event

Whilst the music on Elizabeth’s website or Spotify is available for personal listening ONLY, you can purchase a license to enable you to use it as part of a live event class or offering. This might be for social media, as background music for events and/or classes online or in person or a bespoke playlist for your in person/online event. Music can also be created and/or licensed for films, TV or games.



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