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Welcome to Musical Magic by Elizabeth Reah

We are excited and blessed to welcome you into this space of musical magic. Below are the beautiful ways you can enjoy, work with and use the music across all of the collections. You can either buy the music for personal use, license the music for your own event or project and/or become and affiliate to earn money as you share with your audience/clients/community.

Explore the Redemption CollectionExplore Music for ManifestationExplore The Wishing Well CollectionExplore The Wishing Well Collection

Here you can explore the musical offerings that are available for personal listening. Within these links you can explore the full collections or indeed download individual/extended tracks. Happy exploring and listening x

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All downloadable music on this site is for personal use only. If you wish to use the music as part of own classes, events or offerings you can explore a licensing agreement to do so.

In addition, if you wish to record your own voice, affirmations, meditations breathwork or other guidance over the music, professional recording guidance and production services are available to layer over the music.


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