Musical Magic and Mental Wellbeing for Your Child


A Full Suite of Mindfulness Offerings for All Ages...

The Wishing Well truly is a journey for all ages and for all the family to enjoy together. Its an offering of meditations for all ages, a musical soundtrack with Elizabeth’s vocal healing, affirmations recorded with music, a suite of inspiring artwork, and beautiful journal pages to support the journey.

Elizabeth Reah and Craig YoungThe Wishing Well (3 to 6)

The Wishing Well Collection includes:

~A series of THREE beautifully recorded meditations designed for all ages

~A relaxing, healing sound track of music and voice

~Affirmations recorded with music

~Beautifully designed, printable journal pages to compliment the journey

~A suite of inspiring artwork to awaken the imagination


The Wishing Well is a Perfect Tool for Teachers, Educators and Parents...

The Wishing Well Collection offers an excellent resource for teachers, educators, home schooling, and other caregivers who are interested in enhancing the wellbeing of children through incorporating meditation, sound, affirmations, and gratitude practices into their daily routines. By using these practices, children, parents and educators can develop increased mental wellbeing in addition to important skills such as self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation and focus, which can lead to a more positive learning environment and foster a sense of community and connection for children.

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Powerful Healing in a Magical Collection...

Welcome to the Wishing Well – Each of the offerings contained in the collection have been created to bring the listener into a greater state of calm, peace, relaxation and seek to open up a more beautiful, inspiring and magical world. This collection is a reminder of the beauty and power of our imaginations and offers a sanctuary of healing that we can go to anytime within our beings and minds.

The Wishing Well collection seeks to offer children and indeed adults, three simple yet highly effective tools to cultivate more joy, peace, contentment and relaxation in their lives. These tools are meditation,sound and gratitudes/affirmations. All of these tools are underpinned by the power of Musical Magic. 

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

We are in a period of time where there are ever increasing levels of stimulus in the world  as well as rising demands and stresses of day to day life that children clearly feel but often don’t know how or cannot express. It is absolutely imperative we provide our children (the next leaders of our world) the tools to support in feeling and expressing emotions in a healthy way, helping them to bring calm to their nervous systems and self regulate, create more peace within their minds and enhance their overall wellbeing and health. 

I’ve been listening to this daily for the last week and it’s absolutely stunning and magical!! I spent the morning practising gratitude and journaling whilst this was playing in the background this morning. My son, whose 6 has been listening to this for whilst he falls asleep and also whilst he was writing out his gratitude last night. Your talent is on a whole different level. Thank you x


As an anxiety sufferer myself I find so much joy in music. This music has helped me through so many anxious moments so I was thrilled to hear that there is now the wishing well designed for children. My boys are 6 and 4 and we use the wishing well daily, it’s a fantastic meditation tool for children. It’s perfect to put on for the children right before bed time to have some calming quiet time. My boys often talk about the wishing well now and they tell me they dream about it too. I’ve been able to use the wishing well to help the boys through any worries they have as I tell them to visit the wishing well in their mind and put their worries and fears into it whenever we aren’t together for example when they are at school. I’m so grateful for this offering. Thank you.


What’s Included…

The Wishing Well download includes access to a full suite of offerings that will help facilitate positivity and mental wellbeing for both children and indeed adults. The offerings include a version of the meditation for all ages and thus provides a magical opportunity for the whole family to share in the adventure together. It also includes a musical/vocal sound track,  recorded guided affirmations, a downloadable gratitude journal and selection of artwork for imaginative inspiration.

This offering can also be used by teachers within schools or indeed as part of home-schooling education. These offerings will support in instilling the power and importance of mindfulness, positivity and imagination. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to license and use this program in a classroom/education setting.


3 Versions of the Meditation

The meditation can be listened to daily or whenever you feel you want to let go of any worries or challenges and make an intentional wish for your day/life. Three seperate versions of the meditation are included so that you can listen to the one which feels most relevant for you and for your child.

3-6 year olds (6:41 min )
7-11 year olds (12:15 min )
12 to adult (14:39 min)

Sound Healing

The collection includes the meditation soundtrack with Elizabeth’s incredible vocal healing. This is a powerful combination of a peaceful soundtrack, vocal healing and the natural frequency of the universe, 432 Hz. This recording can be used as a meditation in itself if you wish, or you can use it as a backdrop to creative activities (like painting, writing, drawing or other arts and crafts). The soundtrack can also be used to support sleep. 

Magical Guided Affirmations 

Follow along with Elizabeth as she guides you through a beautiful series of Affirmations. Her voice is interwoven with an inspiring soundtrack that can be played daily, morning or evening, to support with self love, self kindness, peace, grounding and optimal mental/emotional health. Having these daily practices can truly shift a childs relationship to themselves as well as others around them.

Printable Gratitude Journal

Gratitude extends far beyond the simple act of saying “Thank You”. Whilst saying thank you is so important, gratitude is both an attitude and as well as an action. Teaching a young child to express gratitude is helping them to foster happiness, peace and contentment from simple joys. Gratitude supports in the cultivation of empathy, emotional intelligence, improves sleep, physical health and self-esteem. 

We would lovingly encourage you to play the soundtrack of the Wishing Well when sitting down to journal as the music is designed to help with creativity, enhance joy and bring a sense of wellbeing and calm to the listener.

Inspiring Artwork

The collection includes a downloadable PDF with inspiring imagery from the adventure. Use this to awaken the imagination and bring a greater sense of magic into the experience!

When taking the journey, we recommend using all of your senses as much as possible. Use these images to inspire the visuals, imagine yourself as a part of the scene and embrace your wishes in every detail. Most importantly, try to really get in touch with the feelings and emotions that come up for you!

The Benefits of This Program

Each of the offerings contained in the collection have been created to bring the listener into a greater state of calm, peace, relaxation and seek to open up a more beautiful, inspiring and magical world. This collection is a reminder of the beauty and power of our imaginations and offers a sanctuary of healing that we can go to anytime within our beings and minds. The ultimate purpose of these offerings is to bring more joy, balance, harmony and overall wellbeing to the listener. 

The importance of Meditation for All Ages

Meditation creates an opportunity for children to simply be quiet and still which in todays society is so important. It gives them time to breathe and imagine, and lets them know that it is okay to have feelings.

Whilst children do not always express it, they all experience many fears, fear of the dark, fear of monsters, fear of abandonment, fear of the future, fear of not being good enough. Through a consistent meditation practice  young people can learn to focus on one thought, sound, or breath at a time, teaching them how to stay in the moment, where they are safe. Meditation can carry children away from whatever is causing them distress to a place where they feel at peace, calm and to remind them that they do have power and control over their thoughts and feelings.

Meditation can also support teenagers deal with the turmoil of adolescence by helping them balance conflicting emotions and manage stress. Meditation strengthens self-acceptance, builds confidence, and enhances the feeling of empowerment.

Through meditation children can also learn patience, kindness, acceptance, and generosity from meditation. Meditation strengthens children’s relationship with their inner selves, their mind/body connection, and development of their own personality—all of which make them better able to lead more positive lives and make positive choices for themselves.

The Healing Power of 432 Hz

All the music in this collection is recorded in the healing frequency of 432 Hz, which is considered to have the potential to balance both hemispheres of our brain – the left being the logical and analytical and the right being that of creativity and intuition. This creates what scientists call “whole brain synchronisation” which supports us in maximising our potential as thinkers, feelers and spiritual beings. This synchronisation creates and promotes mental balance and thus supports significantly in creating and sustaining mental wellbeing.

Music truly is a universal offering for both children and adults who are seeking enhanced wellbeing, health, productivity, motivation, connectivity, joy, relaxation and improved mental health.

Musical Magic is truly a gift of the Universe. Over time, listening to beautiful music created at 432 Hz tuning increases your sense of well-being and connectedness to the wider world

The Benefits of Affirmations and Gratitude

Both of these practices support in strengthening self love, self kindness, peace and supports in the cultivation of empathy and emotional intelligence. Both can also improve self-esteem, overall mental wellbeing and the relationship to life itself. 

The Wishing Well Collection includes printable journal pages with quotes and imagery to make the practice of writing gratitudes more enjoyable for both children and adults.

The collection also includes a recorded Affirmation Session that guides the listener through a practice of repeating affirmations. This is a powerful daily practice that is simple enough for even younger children to follow and the impact of the practice is highteneded by an inspiring soundtrack recorded in 432 Hz.

The Affirmation recording can even be used as you drift off to sleep to help program the subconscious  mind with positive thoughts.



Younger children have incredibly vivid, wide open imaginations. They are so open to and impacted by all the information that enters their awareness from their friends, parents, teachers, media, games and the litany of other programming that is shaping their personalities and the impressions that they are developing of themselves.

It is essential to help facilitate a positive mindset from a young age and give them the tools to do so. This is one such tool and it allows the shaping of a young mind to be done in such a fun and easy way. The Wishing Well program will also help develop an appreciation for music and awaken the imagination.

Lastly, we can’t think of a more positive exercise for a parent to engage in with their child. Words alone pale in comparison to a parent or teacher leading by example and in doing so, we hope that you too will open your  imagination to the incredible possibility for change that is provided in this very special Magical, Musical Adventure!

An adventure that has evolved over time...

2016 – Version 1

The original meditation and musical score was written by Craig Young  for his then 12 year old daughter Emily. Emily recorded the original guidance as a ‘stand in’ but she did such an amazing job, that her recording was kept and the Wishing Well Adventure was born!

2020 – Version 2

As the years past, it was decided that a more current version of the meditation would be fun. The project was re-recorded with an expanded musical score and updated guidance recorded by 16 year old Emily!

2023 – Version  3

The current version has been re-written and re-recorded by Elizabeth Reah. Two new versions of the meditation were created to support all ages of listeners. The offering has been greatly expanded to include a recording of the soundtrack with Elizabeth’s vocal healing, an affirmation recording to music, a suite of inspiring artwork and beautiful journal pages to support the journey.




Thank You’s (from Craig)

I would like to thank Emily for inspiring this project. At only 12 years old, I could sense the worries of the world starting to creep in at times. We talked, we teamed up and the Wishing Well was born! Emily’s intelligence and creative brilliance has always inspired me and sparked the idea for this project! Her recorded guidance for this meditation at only 12 years old was amazing and made it relatable to other children. In the updated version at 16, she sounded like a professional narrator. Thank you Emily. You make me so proud!

I would also like to thank Elizabeth for taking the project to a new level in 2023 and for expanding the offering to a series of meditations and much more. Her incredible singing voice adds a new level of healing and her guidance through the journey is both inspiring and comforting.

I hope you (and your children) enjoy this adventure as much as we have!

Craig Young, Composer and Creator of ‘the original’ Wishing Well


Craig Young, Emily Young and Elizabeth Reah


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