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  • The Wishing well is an offering for children of all ages to support with mental and emotional development and wellbeing
  • The Wishing Well is a collection of Music, Meditations, Gratitudes and Affirmations for Children and indeed the whole family.
  • Each of the offerings contained in the collection have been created to bring the listener into a greater state of calm, peace, relaxation and seek to open up a more beautiful, inspiring and magical world. This collection is a reminder of the beauty and power of our imaginations and offers a sanctuary of healing that we can go to anytime within our beings and minds

The Wishing Well Includes:

  1. A series of THREE beautifully recorded meditations designed for all ages
  2. A relaxing, healing sound track of music and voice
  3. Affirmations recorded with music
  4. Beautifully designed, printable journal pages to compliment the journey
  5. A suite of inspiring artwork to awaken the imagination
  • We are in a period of time where there are ever increasing levels of stimulus in the world as well as rising demands and stresses of day to day life that children clearly feel but often don’t know how or cannot express.
  • It is absolutely imperative we provide our children (the next leaders of our world) the tools to support in feeling and expressing emotions in a healthy way, helping them to bring calm to their nervous systems and self regulate, create more peace within their minds and enhance their overall wellbeing and health.
  • The Wishing Well collection seeks to offer children and indeed adults, four simple, yet highly effective tools to cultivate more joy, peace, contentment and relaxation in their lives. These tools are meditation, sound and gratitude/affirmations. All of these tools are underpinned by the power of Musical Magic.

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