The Redemption Collection (Streaming Access)


PLEASE NOTE: This product gives you access to a streaming only version of the Redemption Collection. It does not include doanloadable audio.
Dearest Friends,
Welcome to the sound healing creation of Redemption. This journey is gift and an offering from my heart to yours, with love. 
Redemption consists of 5 tracks (between 11-13 mins each), a spoken introduction and interwoven poetry. The introduction and poetry are also included in a written downloadable document in case you wish to read as well as listen. 
My invitation to you is that you experience this journey for the first time all the way through, fully immersing yourself in the offering from beginning to end. 
You will need to wear earphones, find a quiet and comfortable position laying down in order to receive the most potent experience.
I want to take this opportunity to thank my friend and producer Craig Young. Craig has been such a instrumental part of bringing this creation to life and I am deeply and endlessly grateful for his friendship, co-creation and musicial genius. Craig also composed and played the music that accompanies the introduction. You can find more about Craig and the magic he creates at
With love and blessings, Elizabeth Reah x