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Music saved my life.

The life I now lead is one of pure passion, devotion, creativity, expression, expansiveness,
rawness, and aliveness.


It was not always this way.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, I was living a life of suffering, deep in the dark abyss of
addiction, self-sabotage, unhappiness, loneliness, hopelessness, anxiety, stress and on the
edge of suicide. I trapped myself within the confines of the corporate world for 14 years
which felt like I was being strangled, drowning in debt and sadness. I felt that I would never
be FREE or live the life I so deeply longed and yearned for in my heart and soul.
Then life began to change…

It was in December 2019 when I had a breakdown in a hotel room in Hong Kong, planning
my suicide. I was trapped, hopeless, desperate. Honestly it was two things that kept me
from ending my life that night. One is my cats, the second was my connection with my love
of music and my voice, I needed to find singing again.
After this realisation my life began to shift at a rapid rate. It has been one incredible
journey. It cracked me open to feel the enormity of my grief, pain, shame, guilt, self-hatred,
anger, rage, sadness, loneliness. Once I was able to face the enormity of the feelings I felt
within me life began to change…

I am here to offer you my story, my magic and most of all the gift of vocal healing and music.
Music heals and can shift our lives. In my opinion the voice is the most magical healing
instrument as it come directly from our own divine, magical body.

I offer to you the frequency of my voice and my musical creations. Through my voice travels
the natural, phenomenal, mysterious, incredible, divine healing powers of vibrational

With love

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